Orthopedic Surgery & Preventive Care

At Charleston Sports Medicine, we offer general orthopedic care for every stage of life, from sports performance for elite athletes and young adults to elderly care for osteoarthritis. Our practice specializes in treatment for knee and hip, shoulder, ankle and elbow injuries, as well as for arthritis and joints. Our specialty is in avoiding or postponing surgical interventions and joint replacement. From diagnosis to rehabilitation, we aim to get you healthy and keep you moving forward.

Our founding physician, Dr. Bright McConnell, III, is a Board Certified and fellowship trained physician offer leading edge, specialty care. At Charleston Sports Medicine, we provide surgical consultations for spine surgery, surgery for hands, shoulders and elbows, foot and ankle surgery, joint or hip and knee replacement, and arthroscopy. Whether your condition is due to arthritis, a sports injury such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, an accident, a work-related injury or a congenital disorder, you can feel confident choosing Charleston Sports Medicine for your treatment and care.


The Charleston Sports Medicine Team strives to become your partner in your total health. Our affiliated practice, FitMed Partners, also offers scientifically proven preventive age management, bio-identical hormone therapy and medically based fitness and nutrition programs. The FitMed Elite Athlete Program provides a menu of advanced sports performance testing, not typically covered under insurance, for affordable prices.