Welcome to Charleston Sports Medicine

At Charleston Sports Medicine, Bright McConnell, III, MD combines traditional orthopedics with cutting-edge techniques in regenerative medicine. Coupling his extensive sports medicine experience with the latest minimally invasive treatments, he provides patients a unique scope of options.

At our Daniel Island, South Carolina sports medicine facility, prevention and treatment share equal emphasis. Board Certified and fellowship trained in sports medicine, Bright McConnell, III, MD is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee, elbow and shoulder injuries.

Dr. McConnell pairs orthopedic surgery experience with bone densitometry training. He is uniquely qualified to combine traditional orthopedic services with advanced conservative therapies where indicated. He utilizes platelet rich plasma (PRP), an assortment of stem cells and orthobiologics, and various supplements and growth factors to promote healing and regeneration.

He brings the latest minimally invasive procedures for joint preservation to the Charleston area. By integrating these various techniques, Charleston Sports Medicine provides solutions for a wide range of chronic and acute orthopedic conditions.

Two knee surgeries later, this Charleston Sports Medicine patient uses the ROM3 Rehab System to facilitate earlier and more comfortable movement of the affected joint. Schedule now in our new Physical Therapy suite.

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Dr. McConnell and Physical Therapist, Asia, worked tirelessly today to film the patient benefits of the new ROM3. ROM3 is a method of rehab recovery for lower extremities like the knee. 843-284-5200