Important Update For Physical Therapy Patients

To All Current Physical Therapy Patients:

In accordance with CDC and American Medical Association guidance, Charleston Sports Medicine Physical Therapy will be closed for the next two weeks with a limited reopening on April 15th.

April 15th through May 15th, we will resume a modified treatment schedule. A limited number of patients will be seen per day to keep occupancy low and distance between patients high. During this time, we are not accepting new patients or offering hands-on treatments.

Once re-opened, we will offer appointments for Vasper and Shoulder Sphere technologies, limited exercises in the clinic, review, and modification to home exercise programs, and re-assessments or discharges.

Please call Allison at 843-284-5200 extension 5 to either make an appointment or inform her if you would like to be placed on hold until you can return to physical therapy. We do not plan on discharging any current patients at this time. While closed and on limited schedules, your therapy will automatically be placed on hold.

We thank you for having patience with us and our limited schedule. We look forward to the day when we can return to our normal schedule and see you on a consistent basis. Stay well.

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