Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine is a Game Changer

Regenerative medicine holds great promise for orthopaedic surgery. For both chronic and acute pain patients the widening scope of minimally invasive orthopedic treatments available is exciting. While surgeries, such an total knee replacement, produce excellent outcomes and may be the best choice for some patients, the world of regenerative medicine is a game changer for athletes and those seeking daily living pain relief alike.  Techniques and technology advancements such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, gene transfer and tissue engineering, are expected to move the field of orthopedics into a new era. The research regenerative medicine bench is solidly in play at the orthopedic clinical bedside.

An orthopedic surgeon’s quality outcomes for invasive and minimally invasive treatments are highly contingent on the patient’s ability to heal. Injured tissues including muscle, tendon, ligament or cartilage are a catalyst for the body to try and heal the injury through its own repair mechanisms.  Blood flow is a critical element to the body’s own healing power. Inside and around joints, the blood flow is typically lacking. As a result, the body may be unable to heal the injury adequately or even at all. The amount of degeneration or damage and the age of the patient may further challenge the body’s own efforts at healing the injury.

When the body is unable to recover or heal, the result for the patient manifests itself as pain, weakness, joint locking, disability, and swelling. The solution to this problem is to augment the natural healing process in order to heal or even “grow back” the damaged tissue. Insert regenerative medicine.

As surgeons continue to face challenges regarding the healing of diseased or injured musculoskeletal tissues, regenerative medicine aims to develop novel therapies that will replace, repair, or promote tissue regeneration.

At Charleston Sports and Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Bright McConnell has honed regenerative treatment techniques and applied those techniques successfully for patients over the years. He remains at the forefront of the growing applications of regenerative medicine in orthopedics. Learn more about regenerative medicine services including:

* Orthobiologics

* Stem cells

* Amniotic allografts

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