Vasper Charleston: A Revolutionary Low Impact Therapy with High Impact Results

Have you had that moment where you think, “Yes, I want to be a part of that, sign me up.”? I had it during the training session with Charleston Sports Medicine’s new Vasper Charleston. Every time they mentioned taking 30 people for a trial run on the new equipment I had to stop myself from raising my hand like a 2nd grader who knows the answer.

Vasper is the answer for many. This new technology is the answer for:

* an older person with a knee injury needing to rehabilitate without high impact exercise,

* the elite athlete needing to get more out of a work out in less time,

* the post-surgical every day athlete looking to stay fit,

*  and the pre-surgical patient looking to heal faster.

What is Vasper?

Vasper is the first technology to combine peak performance and active recovery in a 21 minute, low impact session. It uses vascular compression and dynamic cooling to mimic intensive exercise to generate anabolic benefits. Limited impact and minimal muscle damage speeds your recovery while upgrading your training. The compression aspect of Vasper increases muscle growth and repair. The cooling delivers more oxygen to the muscles thus reducing pain and aiding in recovery. The software allows you to customize the work out for any participant – from the elite athlete to the post-surgical knee patient.

Vasper technology is the most advanced way to stay in optimal physical condition with less time and work put in to get there. Participants mount a recumbent bike and in 20 minutes have replicated the benefits of a 2-hour workout strengthening both the heart and muscles. A Vasper workout translates to your whole-body chemistry changing for the better – glucose, testosterone, human growth hormone and more.

“Melt fat, build muscle, and enhance the anabolic hormones of your youth. NASA, The Navy SEALs, Olympians, sports teams and more are on the band wagon,” Richard Rossi, Founder and CEO DaVinci Education Inc.

Vasper Charleston is now available at Charleston Sports Medicine. “A revolutionary biomimicry of intensive exercise, Vasper opens the door to rapid recovery for many of my pre-and post-surgical patients. Further, it is an excellent low impact therapy for daily and elite athletes,” shares Bright McConnell, MD, Charleston Sports Medicine. “We are excited to house Vasper as the signature piece of equipment that anchors our new physical therapy center on Daniel Island.”

How does it work?

Through superficial compression or blood flow restriction, the cooled cuffs trap lactic acid, a normal byproduct of anaerobic muscle work. Normally when we exercise at a high intensity the lactic acid is swept away, so it takes a while to “feel the burn”. With Vasper, the lactic acid will buildup and trigger a signal to alert the brain that intensive exercise has been done. In response, your brain will release anabolic hormones to repair, prime and rejuvenate the body.

Why are anabolic hormones important?

Anabolic hormones are among the most significant benefits of exercise. Anabolic hormones are the reason that children or those who work out at a high intensity have a roaring vitality factor. They sleep well, recover faster and have seemingly limitless energy. Anabolic hormones tend to decline sharply as we age and the only way to naturally increase their release is through intensive exercise. Many of us can’t or don’t engage in intensive exercise as much as we should.

Vasper to the rescue! Vasper users reap the benefits of 2-3hr of intensive exercise all in a low-impact and moderate platform.

Who is a candidate for Vasper?

Everyone. Regardless of age or category, everyone can benefit from Vasper. The software allows Vasper to be tailored to the user. Vasper has found a way to make intensive exercise accessible and safe. Whether you have physical limitations or are a high performing athlete, Vasper will be a powerful addition to your health and wellness, rehabilitation and performance goals.

How can I try Vasper?

Vasper Charleston is in the specialized physical therapy suite of Charleston Sports Medicine on Daniel Island. Call 843-284-5200 to pre-schedule.

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