Men and women begin losing strength and muscle annually after age 30. After 60 years of age, the muscle mass and strength loss multiplies. Strength training can reverse this aging process. Medically-based fitness in our FitMed Partners innovative program can get results using “functional strengthening” exercise science even faster. Our evidence-based approach will help you safely achieve your health and fitness goals in minutes a week

How does it work?

Low impact exercise technology with high yield results in less time is made possible by scientifically proven exercise technology, including ARX Fit, Vasper, CAR.O.L, and more. The FitMed Partners proven evidence-based approach to achieving your health and fitness goals starts with booking your introductory consultation and baseline clinical testing.

Baseline Clinical Testing is $475 for new FitMed patients, and includes the following:

  • Ht./Wt. BMI
  • DXA Body Composition
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Cardiovascular aerobic capacity (VO2 Max)
  • BIODEX Balance Assessment
  • Baseline Strength Testing (ARX Fit)

Should you choose to add optional screening laboratory testing, FitMed Partners recommends the following:

  • Cardiovascular Risk Panel (Advanced lipid panel, fasting glucose, and insulin, HgbA1c)
  • Hormonal Screening Panel (Testosterone, IGF-1, Vitamin D3, DHEA, A.M.Cortisol and Thyroid)
  • Antioxidant Testing: SpectraCell Micronutrient Tests
  • Telomere Testing (Biological Age): SpectraCell Laboratories
  • Genomics Testing: Pathways Genomic Testing: Pathways FIT

Your next step? Invest in your health and longevity with a monthly FitMed Medically-based Fitness membership that helps you attain your goals. Various common goals among members include:

  • Improving strength and balance
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness (VO2max)
  • Building and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Managing insulin sensitivity (pre-diabetes) and cholesterol
  • Continuing to exercise with reduced risk of injury
  • Exercising more efficiently
  • Hormone optimization
  • Weight loss and wellness
  • Post-injury recovery
  • Age management

The fitness plan at FitMed Partners can take less than 30 minutes a week of exercise to produce measurable results. Our team combines ARX, Vasper, and CAR.O.L to create measurable, scientifically proven results you can see and feel.

Candidates run the gamut from elite athletes to aging wellness seekers.

Young or old, fit or seeking fitness improvement, FitMed’s medically-based fitness programs are possible for all abilities.

Newer medically-based fitness technologies now employ the cutting edge of exercise science called “biohacking.” Examples include:

  • VASPER Anabolic Exercise (VC3 Technology)
  • ARX Fit (eccentric based dynamometry strength training)
  • CAR.O.L Bike (CARdiovascular Optimization Logic)
  • TRX Functional Suspension Strength Training Instruction

FitMed’s nutritional and performance nutraceutical support, PrevecareÒ, and StemRXÒ, further expedite your health and wellness goals. Additional supplements we may recommend include:

  • SarcoPlus (HMB: maintains muscle mass)
  • Bone and Joint Health (Ultra Osteo-Guard, Hydroxylated Collagen, Vit. D3)
  • Cardiovascular support (d-Ribose, Carnitine, Ubiquinol)
  • Cognitive support (Douglas Brain Memory, or equivalent)

All supplements are pharmaceutical grade and may be ordered directly through Fitmed Partners.

The monthly FitMed Membership Plan is $250 per month for the following medically-based fitness regime weekly:

  • ARX work out
  • Vasper work out
  • CAR.O.L. Ride +
  • TRX Functional Suspension Strength Training Instruction
  • Body composition testing on DXA would be offered semi-annually or annually
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