Hormone Therapy

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Improvements In Energy, Body Composition, Bone Strength, Skin Tone & Elasticity, Memory, Cognition, Cardiovascular Fitness, Sleep, And Libido.

An overall heightened sense of well-being

Men and women rely on a proper balance of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) thyroid, cortisol, insulin, and growth hormone. As the aging process takes place, hormone levels tend to decrease. A change or decline in hormones, when left untreated, can impact your weight, mood, and mental clarity, and put you at increased risk for serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and loss of bone density. FitMed’s comprehensive Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Program (BHRT) is an option that can significantly increase your quality of life.

Hormone optimization or BHRT refers to the science of restoring hormones to clinically appropriate levels. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, prescribed and compounded in a pharmacy specifically for you, is used to restore hormone levels to an optimal range. FitMed’s BHRT uses hormones with a chemical structure identical to hormones naturally produced in the human body. These should not be confused with synthetic hormones, which have been shown to have adverse effects in several studies. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is only used in documented cases of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Periodic laboratory testing is used to monitor all of your hormone levels and to keep them in a safe and optimal range.

The first step is undergoing the BHRT Profile, a 90-minute assessment. During this profile, Bright McConnell, MD, will discuss the results of your lab work and any health implications indicated by the tests. This discussion will include your risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome or diabetes, hormone imbalance, and a review of any previous hormone replacement therapies. If indicated, Dr. McConnell will discuss our BHRT Program and how you may benefit from starting such a program.

The FitMed Partners team will also provide you with a written analysis of your test results, recommendations on a preventive action plan, and specific recommendations for additional lab work

You can expect to begin hormone replacement therapy immediately, followed by periodic lab testing. After each set of lab results, you’ll meet with Dr. Bright McConnell to discuss the results and your progress. He’ll actively monitor your response to the hormone replacement therapy and recommend changes to your individual program as needed.

Please note this process requires frequent blood work and a typical timeline includes:

  • Begining BHRT immediately
  • The first baseline labs will be ordered and reviewed 6 weeks after you enroll in the program and begin your customized hormone replacement therapy.
  • Additional lab testing will be ordered at four-month and eight-month intervals from your program start date.
  • FitMed Partners Team actively monitors your response to the BHRT and recommends changes as needed.
  • Frequent appointments with Dr. McConnell to discuss lab results, therapy adjustments, and your overall health.

This program is most intensive in the first year while hormone levels are being optimized; for most people, it becomes less intensive as hormone levels stabilize after the first year. Participants in our program should experience improvements in energy, body composition (decreased abdominal body fat and increased lean muscle), bone strength, skin tone, and elasticity, memory, cognition, cardiovascular fitness, sleep, libido, and an overall heightened sense of well-being. Some participants begin to experience results within days of beginning the program, although for most, positive results become apparent within the first three to six months after beginning the program.

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