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Weight Loss Isn’t Simply About Weight

A Personalized Plan That Works For You

Nutrition and fitness aren’t just about weight. They also affect aging, mood, mental clarity, exercise performance, and overall wellness. During your first appointment, we begin with a comprehensive nutrition assessment, body composition with DXA, and other measurements, depending on your age and current fitness levels. Tests we may perform include:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test to determine the basal calories your body burns to maintain itself at rest
  • DXA Body composition and bone density/osteoporosis screening calculations
  • Cardiometabolic Performance Test on treadmill or cycle to measure key data including peak VO2, anaerobic threshold, and identification of optimal exercise heart rate levels
  • Cardiometabolic Health Risk Summary to identify health risks and areas in which your range of risk is stratified to low, moderate, or high
  • Micronutrient Testing to determine which vitamins you may be insufficient

A series of questionnaires will be completed prior to your first visit with our registered dietitian, Judith Herrin, who reviews your goals, lifestyle, and other obstacles to change in order to develop a personalized plan that will work for you.

All exercise and nutrition plans are individually developed by the FitMed Partners team and include the frequency, duration, and intensity of the intended exercise. In addition, you will be given exercise progression guidelines to optimize your results. Improvements in physical activity and cardio-respiratory endurance have been found to produce significant health benefits, including weight loss.

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We do not take insurance, we provide the paperwork you need to self file. We take CareCredit.

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