Lipogems is a cutting-edge technology that harnesses the powerful healing capacity of your own adipose tissue to support your body’s natural regenerative process. Dr. Bright McConnell is among the first in the area to provide Lipogems Adipose Tissue Technology for the treatment of orthopedic pathologies. Lipogems is a promising addition to the suite of regenerative medicine options available at Charleston Sports Medicine. This novel procedure may provide a natural alternative or addition to surgical intervention to support your body in the reconstruction and repair of damaged or injured tissue.

You may not realize, but every tissue in your body is constantly repairing itself. Adipose tissue (fat) has been widely studied in literature and is known to have innate healing potential. The use of fat was documented during World War I to aid in the healing of soldiers’ battle wounds. Since then, a large body of research has demonstrated a variety of promising applications for adipose tissue in healing and regenerating damaged tissues. Patients seeking a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention, and patients who have not responded to steroid injections and physical therapy may be good candidates for the Lipogems treatment.

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