Dr. Bright McConnell of Charleston Sports Medicine is pleased to be among the first in the Carolinas to offer the revolutionary new LIPOGEMS® lipoaspirate regenerative medicine treatment.

The Natural Way to Heal

Lipogems is a cutting edge technology that harnesses the powerful healing capacity of your own adipose tissue to support your body’s natural regenerative process.

LIPOGEMS® is an innovative therapy option that employs a precisely engineered device to create an injectable tissue made from your own adipose tissue reserves. This injectable tissue is used to provide cushioning and support as your body heals.

FDA cleared device for processing and same-day injection of adipose tissue, LIPOGEMS® is a revolutionary new way of processing fat harvest to take full advantage of the complete healing microenvironment.

Who is a Candidate for LIPOGEMS®?

You may be a candidate for Liopgems if:

  • You suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning or physical activity.
  • Treatment options, such as physical therapy, NSAIDS, or steroid injections have not provided significant relief.
  • You would like to explore Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention.

The process for LipoGems

The Lipogems are created in a closed-system device that uses only sterile saline solution to wash away the impurities. The gentle process micro-fragments the fat, preserving the natural and beneficial properties of the tissue. The optimal size of the Lipogems tissue allows your physician to accurately inject a specific treatment site with a small gauge needle and minimize pain at the injection site.

An important point to note is that LIPOGEMS® is not simply – or only – a “stem cell” treatment. Rather, it’s a comprehensive Regenerative Medicine treatment. A little known fact is that if you inject pure stem cells into a damaged area, most of those cells will die! As noted above, mesenchymal stem cells need a supporting cast of other cells and proteins in order to exert their healing benefits. Unlike other so-called “stem cell” treatments, the major – and distinctly unique – advantage of LIPOGEMS® is that the complete healing environment of the adipose tissue is captured, carefully processed, and then precisely injected.

The objective of the LIPOGEMS® product is to harness the natural regenerative process of tissues, and it is used in the treatment of numerous orthopedic pathologies.

How Are LIPOGEMS® Treatments Done?

First the skin is numbed using local anesthesia.


Next a thin blunt-tip cannula is inserted into the fat layer and the fat is infiltrated with a mixture of sterile saline and anesthetic. We then let this sit for 15 minutes to make sure that adequate anesthesia is obtained.


We then insert a thin harvesting cannula and aspirate the fat. This takes only a few minutes and is virtually painless. Depending on what areas or joints we’re injecting, we take
anywhere from 50-120 cc of fat. (That’s roughly 4-8 tablespoons). This small amount is not enough to make a cosmetic difference!


Once the fat is harvested it’s processed using the proprietary LIPOGEMS® device to yield a powerful healing autologous tissue. This takes about 20 minutes and is done while you wait.

The resulting lipoaspirate is then placed into several small syringes for injection.
We perform all of our injections under ultrasound guidance to help insure both accurate and safe treatment.

The total length of the visit for a LIPOGEMS® treatment is about 90 minutes, but most of that time involves either waiting for the anesthesia to take effect or waiting while the technician processes and prepares the fat for injection.

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