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Vasper Charleston

Vasper is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling, and interval training.


ROMTech is patented technology and medical protocol that noticeably improves and expedites the rehabilitation of the lower extremities. It can benefit nearly any patient after a lower extremity orthopedic injury or surgery, especially Knee or Hip Replacement.

The ROMTech pedal technology enables patients to get their full range of motion back sooner after knee or hip replacement, injuries to the lower extremity, arthritis, and other illnesses.

Patients who use ROMTech have been known to regain full range of motion and gain functional independence faster than any other rehabilitation system.



Vasper, developed at the NASA Research Center, is the first technology to combine peak performance and active recovery in a 21-minute, low-impact interval training session. It uses vascular compression and dynamic cooling to mimic intensive exercise to generate anabolic benefits. Limited impact and minimal muscle damage speed your recovery while upgrading your training. The compression aspect of Vasper increases muscle growth and repair. The cooling delivers more oxygen to the muscles thus reducing pain and aiding in recovery. The software allows you to customize the work out for any participant – from the elite athlete to the post-surgical knee patient.

ARX Alpha

ARX Alpha was created using scientifically-backed principles to guarantee the world’s safest form of resistance exercise. The Alpha was designed to deliver a full-body, ultra-efficient workout that can fit into any schedule. Able to be used by persons in any age range, ARX Alpha maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of workouts. A full-body workout on the ARX Alpha can be completed in around 6 minutes. The machine offers leg press, chest press, rowing, calf raises, bicep curls, torse flexions, and torso extensions.


The CAROL bike is based on Reduced Exertion High-intensity Interval Training. It is an improved form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. HIIT workouts usually last around 30 minutes and are often difficult for many people. However, a REHIT session with CAROL consists of two 20-second sprints, separated by a short recovery. The entirety of the workout is 8 minutes and 40 seconds. Where HIIT offers high-intensity training, CAROL offers maximum intensity training in less time. This pushes your body to new limits, increasing strength and overall fitness.

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy is an exciting addition to the regenerative orthopedics suite of therapeutic treatments. The innovative and patented Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Therapy Laser was developed in an effort to produce an efficient and simultaneous effect on pain, inflammation, and edema safely. MLS technology delivers therapeutic wavelengths that produce greater anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects while enhancing the speed of healing.

The unique combination and synchronization of continuous and pulsed emissions characterizes MLS and distinguishes it from other therapy lasers.


What is MLS?

MLS stands for Multi-Wave Locked System. The MLS Therapy Laser treats pain, inflammation, and arthritis. Laser therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2002 and is currently being used by a variety of medical specialties, as well as professional sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Cavaliers. The laser can penetrate 3-5cm deep and generates no heat. There are no known harmful effects.

How Do Lasers Work?
Laser energy stimulates the removal of toxins from the cells and allows oxygen into the cell. MLS Laser Therapy can decrease healing time by 30-40%. The MLS Laser stimulates your body’s cells to jump-start the body’s own healing process. Like an antibiotic, each treatment is cumulative in its effectiveness, building off the previous treatments. Patients will need a minimum of 6 treatments depending on the level of pain. While laser therapy is among the most advanced technology in all of medicine, it is too new to be covered by insurance. The good thing is that it is non-invasive, an alternative to addictive pain medications, and maybe an alternative to surgery in some cases.
What conditions can MLS Laser Therapy treat?
  • Arthritis & Bursitis
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Backache & Sciatica
  • Hip, Knee & Lumbar Pain
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck & Shoulder Injuries
  • Epicondylitis Heel & Foot Pain
Strengthen Your Muscles

ShoulderSphere Technology

The ShoulderSphere technology was created by an orthopedic surgeon. It is a patented exercise device that was created to help strengthen rotator cuff muscles in a multidirectional manner.

The ShoulderSphere is attached to the wrist via a splint that immobilized the wrist completely. With the wrist locked in places, this has the rotator cuff muscles doing all the work when the patient spins the ball within the shoulder.

The ShoulderSphere exercise philosophy is based on intelligent training with focused intensity. The ShoulderSphere is about understanding the details of a rotator cuff exercise program in order to safely train with efficiency and effectiveness.

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