I wish to say that I am so glad that I saw Dr. McConnell regarding my knee pain. The unusual type of pain remained a mystery to my two other doctors for the last six months. Dr. McConnell, with his aggressive investigation, solved the mystery and, as a first step, prescribed a non-invasive, non-medicine treatment and self-care. His thorough explanation of what is happening inside the knee and how it is creating the burning pain helped me to start self-care even before my customized un-loader is received.

The good news is that my pain is 90% gone with just self-care: reducing the activities which may put too much or prolonged stress on the knee and icing the knee on both sides, not just the outside which I had been doing without much relief.

I would like to add that I found Dr. McConnell to be extraordinary among the doctors I have seen in my life: he is extremely knowledgeable, thorough-going, careful in his diagnosis, moderate in his prescription, personable, and, above all, he takes time to explain things to the patient and patiently answer any questions. That is what a doctor should be.

Knee Pain Patient

Dr. McConnell - Thanks for the great job you did on my knee. Back to near 100% in less than three weeks. I appreciate all the help you have given me over the years. Wanted you to know I don't take quality medical care for granted

Knee Pain Patient

Thank you for the superb treatment I received as your patient. From the first phone call to the final visit I always felt like I was seen as a person and not just a number (and) in an unhurried atmosphere where you took the time to answer all my questions. Martha and Nancy were always helpful and supportive - I will miss seeing them!

Superb Treatment