Daniel Island is a community where work, play, and beautiful residences merge. This convenience extends to full-service orthopedic care. A long-term member of the Daniel Island community, Charleston Sports Medicine expanded its offerings to meet the growing Island and surrounding area needs.

“We provide the most advanced regenerative treatments available safely and reasonably priced. This enables our patients to heal and recover faster through platelet-rich plasma, adult stem cells, and other evidence-based orthobiologic therapies administered by trusted, skilled physicians,” explains Bright McConnell, MD. “We have also expanded our orthopedic physical therapy for patients recovering from injuries and those seeking membership to use the latest bio-hacking exercise technology.” Bio-hacking is a term that describes low-impact exercise technology that simulates high-impact exercise results without the risk of injury or the need to work out longer than 15-30 minutes. The trend toward bio-hacking exercise, such as Vasper. In a low-impact 21 minutes Vasper session the body’s natural ability to heal itself is amplified. By boosting the users anaerobic threshold and optimizing hormone balance, Vasper achieves maximum strength and performance gains while avoiding the muscle and tissue damage that comes with high-impact training.

In addition to expanding space, providers, and technologies, Charleston Sports Medicine now offers a Friday acute care clinic. Appointments for acute and chronic care are available each week. Walk-ins are welcome. “We see people with recent injuries and pain that has become an impediment to a patient’s daily lifestyle,” shares Dr. Eric Friedman. Our patients and residents of the Island asked for fast access to orthopedic care. Dr. Eric Friedman joined the team to meet that need. “It is nice to give the Island fast access to orthopedic care through this injury clinic.”

Dr. Amanda Riley and Dr. Blake Ohlson recently joined Charleston Sports Medicine to provide podiatry and foot and ankle orthopedics, respectively. “Together with the staff of Charleston Sports Medicine, we aim to bring the most advanced and comprehensive treatment options to patients looking to regain their mobility or simply maintain a pain-free active lifestyle,” says Dr. Blake Ohlson. Dr. Riley recently added Swift technology to painlessly and permanently eliminate warts. She and Dr. Ohlson use new Shockwave therapies to relieve challenging foot and ankle pain. “From treating pickleball injuries to the complicated foot and ankle disorders, Dr. Ohlson and I provide a myriad of noninvasive and surgical treatments coupled with regenerative therapies solely found at Charleston Sports Medicine,” says Dr. Amanda Riley.

For more information, appointments, and membership information, please contact 843-284-5200.

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