Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT)


EMTT can be used to treat numerous musculoskeletal disorders and a variety of pain syndromes. This technology is backed by significant research, and has shown to be extremely successful in the regeneration and rehabilitation of complicated conditions.

The new EMTT regenerative treatment, Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Technology, treats the dysfunctions listed below without surgery or downtime:

  • Degenerative joint disorders
  • Wear and tear conditions such as osteoarthritis (knees, hips, hands, shoulders, elbows), herniated discs, spondylarthrosis
  • Pain treatment – Chronic pain, for example, back pain, lumbago, tension, radiculopathy
  • Sports injuries – Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints, tendon overuse syndromes, inflammation of the pubic bone
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy to temporarily increase local blood circulation in healthy leg muscles
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Maintaining or improving range of motion
  • Temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the:
    – Shoulder
    – Waist
    – Upper extremities
    – Lower extremities

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