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Please feel free to download, print, and complete any of the appropriate patient forms to minimize your wait upon arrival at Charleston Sports Medicine. Most information is completed using an iPad integrated with the practice’s electronic medical system.

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How Do I Get A Prescription Refill?
Call the Charleston Sports Medicine office at (843) 284-5200 and leave a message listing the specific medication being requested, dosage, pharmacy, and pharmacy location.

Please plan ahead – Due to the doctor’s schedule, it may take longer than 24 hours to fill a prescription request, particularly on surgical or clinical days.

Where Can I Buy Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements?
For your convenience, pharmaceutical-grade supplements are available for purchase at our office.
Do I Have To Leave The Office For An Xray Or MRI?
For your convenience, Charleston Sports Medicine offers x-ray, ultrasound, and Bone Density services at our office. If you have recent x-rays applicable to your injury, please bring those with you or a recent MRI scan.
How Do I Get A Copy Of My Medical Records?
Due to patient privacy laws, we require all requests for records to be submitted in writing. Please either bring this completed form (view form here) to your appointment or mail the form to us. A small fee, based on the size of the record, may be charged to prepare your medical records for release unless they are sent directly to another healthcare professional to aid in the continuation of your healthcare.
Is Parking Available?
There is ample free parking available.
How Do I Make An Appointment?
To make an appointment, call (843) 284-5200 from Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 5:00. Please bring your insurance or medical cards, photo I.D., as well as any special forms required by your insurance carrier and any previous X-rays or imaging studies (MRIs) to your appointment.
How Do I Pay For Or File My Appointment With Insurance?
For your convenience, payment for office visits may be made by cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard. Our office will file your insurance or Medicare forms.

For questions involving billing, you may contact our billing service by calling (843) 284-5200.

Learn How Your Body Can Heal Itself

Orthopedic regenerative medicine techniques combined with traditional therapies are a powerful formula for pain relief.

Improve Healing and Decrease Pain with Shockwave

New Shockwave Therapy

New Shockwave Therapy provide regenerative pain relief for patient. Learn more about Ryan Butler’s amazing results from this new, non-surgical treatment now available at Charleston Sports Medicine.

Shane Woolf, MD, Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Joins Team

Charleston Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center welcomes Shane Woolf, M.D., Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, to their growing Daniel Island orthopedic team. Dr. Shane Woolf completed his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University in 1994...

EPAT Treats the Root of Your Pain Non-Invasively

There’s a better way to treat pain now available at Charleston Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centers. EPAT/ESWT or focused shock wave is an evidence-based treatment that gets to the root of your pain, facilitating healing and accelerating your recovery. EPAT...

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Here are six Key Nutrients and a few supporting nutrients that you should incorporate into your diet to protect your bones and reduce inflammation.

Charleston Sports Medicine in Charleston, SC

The “On-The-Island” Resource for Sports Medicine

Daniel Island is a community where work, play, and beautiful residences merge. This convenience extends to full-service orthopedic care.

Regenerative Pain Relief: Treat The Root of Your Pain

Many Charleston Sports Medicine patients seek non-surgical, low-risk treatment options to alleviate pain. Focused Shockwave Therapy and EMTT help patients feel better faster, without surgery, downtime, or side effects.

Charleston Sports Medicine Welcomes Blake Ohlson, MD

We are excited to announce that our Charleston Sports Medicine team continues to grow with the addition of orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon Blake Ohlson, MD. Dr. Ohlson is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon fellowship trained in complex foot and ankle...

Optimizing Testosterone Levels for Men is a Proven Means of Protecting Against Heart Disease

Dr. Bright McConnell of FitMed Partners advises his male patients to have their testosterone levels checked.

Should I take Bioidentical Hormones?

The decision to begin Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) should take place between a patient and their qualified provider.

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