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We offer in-house, pharmaceutical grade supplements for your convenience. All supplements are available for purchase at check out.


Supplements can greatly improve the body’s ability to heal following stem cell therapy. We offer a customized program of Prevecare Supplements for patients.


Ask about our StemRX supplements at your next appointment.

Supplements Articles

Vitamin D Protects Athletes from Injuries

A new study from the American Journal of Sports Medicine determines vitamin D levels are insufficient in most people, and these low levels can cause injuries in elite athletes. For years, many believed sunshine alone could provide the needed amount of vitamin D, but...

Your Immune System and AHCC

The immune system is on everyone’s mind during COVID-19. However, the immune system is an important aspect of health at all times, for all ages, and all patient types, both healthy and ill. Think about your immune system as a security system that is always “on” and...

Ask about our StemRX supplements at your next appointment.

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