Vasper Charleston

From elite athletes to baby boomers, orthobiologics continue to provide solid regenerative outcomes for orthopedic patients seeking relief without major surgery or swifter recovery from surgery or injury. We have further enhanced the rehabilitation performance for patients pre-surgery, post-surgery or in lieu of surgery with the addition of Vasper Charleston. Located in our newly renovated physical therapy suite on Daniel Island, Vasper Charleston is the orthopedic rehab suite’s center piece. When combined with orthobiologics patients are improving function faster than ever.

Vasper, developed at the NASA Research Center in San Jose, California, is the first technology to combine peak performance and active recovery in a 21 minute, low impact, interval training session. It uses vascular compression and dynamic cooling to mimic intensive exercise to generate anabolic benefits. Limited impact and minimal muscle damage speeds your recovery while upgrading your training. The compression aspect of Vasper increases muscle growth and repair. The cooling delivers more oxygen to the muscles thus reducing pain and aiding in recovery. The software allows you to customize the work out for any participant – from the elite athlete to the post-surgical knee patient.

Who is a Vasper Charleston candidate?

  • an older person with a knee injury needing to rehabilitate without high impact exercise
  • the elite athlete needing to get more out of a work out in less time
  • the post-surgical every day patient looking to stay fit
  • the pre-surgical patient looking to heal faster (pre-and post-surgical candidates are not limited to orthopedics)

Participants mount a recumbent bike and in 21 minutes have replicated the benefits of a 2-hour workout strengthening both the heart and muscles. A Vasper workout translates to your whole-body chemistry changing for the better – glucose, testosterone, human growth hormone and more. A revolutionary biomimicry of intensive exercise, Vasper opens the door to rapid recovery for many of my pre-and post-surgical patients. Further, it is an excellent low impact therapy for daily and elite athletes. We are excited to house Vasper as the signature piece of equipment that anchors our new physical therapy center on Daniel Island.

Charleston Sports & Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine services and Vasper Charleston, a signature service of the new specialized physical therapy suite, are located on Daniel Island. Call 843-284-5200 to schedule.