“I’m 79 years old but I don’t feel like it.”

Charleston Sports Medicine has seen a variety of patients, specifically with knee injuries, experience outstanding results with Vasper. When patient Josie S. began her journey with Charleston Sports Medicine in February 2020, she experienced severe knee pain that made walking even short distances a challenge and climbing stairs virtually impossible. Josie explained of her condition before starting Vasper, “I was suffering from pain in my knee; it was horrible. I was limping everywhere.” Vasper allowed Josie to work her knees without worsening her injury, switching between intervals and rest-periods in each session. “It’s a great workout. There are points [Vasper] tells me to sprint and I feel it, then I get to go down,” Josie shared about her workouts. After 7 months of Vasper treatment, Josie has seen noticeable improvements in her mobility. She can climb stairs to the second level of her building without complication and take walks in her neighborhood pain-free.

“It’s been awesome coming here [Charleston Sports Medicine]. Everyone is so nice!” Josie happily reports of the Charleston Sports Medicine team. Dr. McConnell played an integral role in the success of Josie’s treatment, creating a personalized Vasper training progression to fit her goals. It was Dr. McConnell’s caring nature that made the largest difference in Josie’s comfort level in treatment, as she noted, “The thing that impressed me was his bedside manner. He is very gentle and answered all of my questions.”

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