For Judy Dunbar, a yoga class with one wrong move forty years ago is one she will never forget. She explains, “I have a shoulder injury from that class that has bothered me for forty years now. I had reached the point where I could not write or use the computer. For me, checking emails was painful.”

The writer reached out to Dr. Bright McConnell and his team at Charleston Sports Medicine for help. Melissa Langston, Physical Therapist with CSM explains Judy’s care, “We used, PRP and then followed with Vasper to restore movement. This elevated Judy to a new level.”

Vasper, developed at the NASA Research Center in San Jose, California, is the first technology to combine peak performance and active recovery in a 21 minute, low impact, interval training session. Dr. McConnell is the only physician in South Carolina to offer this service. He explains, “Vasper is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling and interval training. When all principles are working together, the results are extraordinary.” Langston, a physical therapist agrees, “This technology is fooling the brain that it had a high impact workout, without the hours that it would require. Vasper puts the body in a better place to accept healing.”

Healing is exactly what Judy Dunbar needed. Once a twice-a-week patient, she now comes to Charleston Sports Medicine once every three weeks for her Vasper session. She adds, “I am very thankful for the technology available and for Dr. McConnell’s expertise.”

Vasper Charleston is also beneficial for an older person with a knee injury needing to rehabilitate without high impact exercise, the elite athlete needing to get more out of a work out in less time, the post-surgical everyday patient looking to stay fit, the pre-surgical patient looking to heal faster (pre-and post-surgical candidates are not limited to orthopedics), and neuropathy patients.

The physical therapy team at Charleston Sports Medicine consists of high-level professionals with individual skill sets. Patients rotate through the all-inclusive program that features the latest supervised medical equipment. Memberships will now be available for patients that would like to continue the use of Vasper. Individual sessions are $60 or buy ten sessions for $550.

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