It’s a New Year, which means it may be time to ramp up your training regimen. Ditch your weights and begin your best resistance training in 2021 with ARX technology. ARX is a resistance exercise technology that uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance in place of weights or other more traditional forms of resistance. “Adaptive resistance” includes safe, controlled, and quantifiable resistance to provide the perfect, personalized workout for maximum results. Read on for the top uses of ARX from the experts at Charleston Sports Medicine.

Rehabilitation Exercise

Those pursuing rehabilitation to recover from an injury can benefit from ARX. This technology can be implemented in rehabilitation plans, including passive resistance and eccentric loading. The pre-set speed and resistance give unparalleled control to the user, dramatically lowering the risk of injury.

Elite Athlete Performance

1. Build Fast-Twitch Muscle: Build fast-twitch muscle to take your athletic performance to the next level. As force demand stimulates the expression of fast-twitch muscle fiber, ARX hones maximum-possible force production to advance the process. Maximizing force demand on the target muscle allows for the strongest expression of fast-twitch muscle fiber.

2. Add Muscle Mass: The three elements needed at the muscle-level to build stronger, larger muscles include tension, physical damage, and metabolic stress. While these components can be applied through the use of traditional weights, ARX’s adaptive resistance allows for greater application of all three (tension, physical damage, metabolic stress) in a safer, more controlled environment. Quickly add muscle mass with the best technology available.

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