Job Description

Full-time X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant position open for hire. Send resumes to Pam McConnell at

The essential job functions include:

  • Responsible for patient check in to clinical area and ensure that they are ready for examination (removing or changing appropriate clothing, removal of bandages, shoes, etc.)
  • Ensure efficiency of patient check in, examinations, and X-rays.
  • Perform X-Ray, DXA, and ultrasound studies as per above.
  • Ensure that X-Ray images are delivered to exam rooms in timely manner.
  • Ensure that any MRI studies are ready to be viewed.
  • Maintain clinical records by entering health history data and current meds/allergies into EMR.
  • Ensure MIPS in medical records is complete.
  • Ensure that any prescriptions/referrals given to patient are in EMR system or copied for scanning into EMR.
  • Prepare medical trays, ultrasound, casting material, and DME’s as necessary for appropriate patient care.
  • Assist, as necessary, with patient exams and ultrasound procedures.
  • Schedule or facilitate scheduling of follow-up studies (such as MRI’s) or physical therapy treatment with appropriate provider and patient.
  • Ensure that front office has record of all appropriate billable supplies.
  • Ensure that all exam rooms are appropriately equipped with necessary medical supplies and ready for patients.
  • Monitor linen usage to ensure a continuous supply.
  • Maintain certification/license/inspections of equipment to include DR and DXA.
  • Perform Phlebotomy services for all PRP patients and interface with lab company for specimen pick-up.
  • Facilitate and/or order refills of prescriptions.
  • Maintain all necessary personal licenses and certifications.
  • Assist in pre-certifying with insurance all necessary procedures, medical supplies (DME), surgeries. Maintain documentation of pre-cert status.
  • Schedule surgeries including providing information to patients prior to surgery, arranging for special post surgical equipment, and following up on patients following surgery.
  • Schedule PRP appointments and explain procedure to patients including pre and post PRP requirements.
  • Organize IME paperwork to facilitate IME exams.


  • Necessary phlebotomy, MA, and X-ray training and current certifications and licenses.
  • Be organized and cordial with patients and have excellent administrative, computer, and EMR skills (particularly familiarity with eClinical Works).
  • Anticipate necessary patient care to ensure efficiency of patient flow.

Job Type: Full-time

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